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Podiatry Torrensville

Podiatry In Torrensville


Without the proper podiatric care, you run the risk of jeopardising comfort and control of the most vital part of your body’s movement, your feet. With help from Inertia Health Group’s podiatry department, Torrensville locals can remedy their lower limb woes and get back to a happier, healthier lifestyle.


Whether it’s riding or jogging down to the beach for a swim or dancing the night away at a gig at the Thebby, as a resident of Torrensville your foot care is paramount. Podiatry needs do not discriminate, and both the young and senior locals of Torrensville can require the preventative care and treatment offered by Inertia Health Group.


The podiatry team located near Torrensville are experts in everything to do with feet, lower legs and ankles. We also work closely with our physiotherapy unit to form a two-prong approach that targets problems such as lower back, hip and knee pain.


Often the residents of Torrensville neglect podiatry but it is an essential part of your overall health. Book an appointment with one of our friendly team today and get your feet back to their best!


Symptoms to Get Checked

At Inertia Health Group, we operate a diverse and highly skilled team that can diagnose and provide treatment for all issues regarding your feet, ankles and lower legs. We have a list of common symptoms that could be representative of a podiatry issues that requires attention.


A Flat Foot or Feet

It is not uncommon to notice that one or both of your feet are reasonably flat; however, this can sometimes be a sign of issues to come. Conditions such as plantarfascitis, bunions, and stress fractures can continue to worsen over time if left untreated.


Arthritis and other joint issues can problematic but often altered by changing the biomechanics of the foot with custom made orothotics. We offer custom orthotics and pre fab orthotic moulds to suit all the different feet found in Torrensville correctly.


Deformities that Grow or Cause Pain

Podiatry consultation on your foot that is changing or causing pain is integral to minimising further issues down the road. Bunions and ingrown toe nails can become extremely problematic if left untreated- speak to the team to see how we can help.


Pain that Gets Worse During Activity

Noticeable increase in pain when the feet are in constant use requires thought and may need consultation with a podiatrist. It’s possible that you may have a stress fracture, which can progress if not intervened at the right time.


Call the podiatry team at Inertia Health Group, and we can begin early preventative treatment straight away. The easiest way to keep on your feet is to ask for our podiatry advice; solutions to your footcare essentials are just a call away.


Podiatry is just one of the many services we offer, so make sure to inquire about our physiotherapy team, massage, dietetics or exercise physiology teams if you think they can help! Make an appointment with a Inertia Health Group therapist today and begin the journey to feeling better soon!



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