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Inertia Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy



Inertia Physiotherapy is excited to be able to provide specialised Women’s Health Services to the community. This service is available to Women of all ages who may be pre or post natal or concurrently going through pregnancy.


Physiotherapists working in this field have a special interest in the care of women across the lifespan with specialised skills in the assessment and treatment of gynaecology and obstetrics and gynaecology.


The management of issues associated with pregnancy pre or post natal and help with issues related to bladder bowel and pelvic floor conditions can all be assisted by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.


We understand that for some this is not the most comfortable of subjects to talk about – it can be quite embarrassing or distressing at times but our Women’s Health Physiotherapist Melissa Connell will be able to put you at ease with the process and all your concerns will be dealt with very comfortably and sensitively.


See the types of Women’s health issues we can help you with

During Your Pregnancy

  • Back, neck & Rib Pain
  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Abdominal Pain


Post Natal Period

  • Pre & Post gynaecological Surgery
  • Thumb/ wrist pain, tingling, weakness
  • Back, Neck, Pelvic and/or Coccyx pain
  • Abdominal muscle separation or weakness
  • Breastfeeding Problems
  • Pain after perineal tear, episiotomy, vaginal Delivery
  • Pain after caesarean section
  • Pelvic Floor issues


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Bladder issues such as incontinence, urgency and frequency
  • Bowel issues such as incontinence, urgency difficulty emptying
  • Persistent pelvic and sexual pain








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