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Inertia Physiotherapy


Podiatry Woodville West

Premier and Diligent Podiatry Service for All Ages in Woodville West


One of the primary areas of the human body that is responsible for completing regular day-to-day activities is your feet. With that responsibility and ongoing reliance on your feet, comes the unfortunate reality of injury or discomfort. At Inertia Health Group, we place significant emphasis on podiatry and the importance of comfort in any footwear.


Podiatry is essential to the residents of Woodville West. The active community who frequent Woodville West Reserve is often seeking treatment for ailments and comfort relating to problems with feet. That’s where we come in. If you are looking for services relating to Podiatry in Woodville West, Inertia Health Groups have you covered.


All Ages

Our team of podiatrists have the capacity to handle a range of issues, but more importantly, every age bracket. Young or old, there are different considerations that need to be made when it comes to your feet, particularly ongoing issues. At Inertia Health Group we focus on rehabilitation and injury identification of risk with children. Offering sound footwear advice and taking specific care and precautions regarding any ongoing issues.


For the elderly, we know that there are certain considerations that have to be made regarding issues that are more common among older patients. Whether it is high risk diabetes foot care, corns or calluses, our professional staff will have you walking the streets leisurely again in no time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle most issues relating to podiatry out there and referring you in the right direction if we cant.


A Range of Issues

Diagnoses relating to podiatry can commonly link to pain and issues in other areas of the body. Whether it is a knee, calf or lower back pain, it can all begin at the feet. As a resident of Woodville West, podiatry can be confusing - so we take the stress out of your discomfort, by diagnosing the cause and pointing you in the direction of recovery.


With a range of soft tissue treatments, dry needling therapy or orthotic prescription, we can assist you during post-surgery recovery, as well as making suggestions concerning biomechanical alterations for long-term comfort. Often, our patients of Woodville West are unsure what the problem may be, so we undertake an examination and any necessary tests to ensure that you are accurately diagnosed, and you know exactly what to do next!

For high-risk issues and debilitating pain, our Inertia Health Group podiatrists in Woodville West can similarly give you advice and treatment to get you back on track.


If you reside in Woodville West, and you think it is time to get that frustrating ailment looked at, Inertia Health Group should be your next move! Call and make an appointment today with one of our trained and professional podiatrists to get your best foot forward on the road to recovery!




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