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Podiatry In Woodville Park


In Adelaide, distance is everything. There are only a handful of suburbs that are perfectly between the beach and the city. Woodville Park is exactly that, and a fantastic residential suburb as well! Perfect for schools, child cares and suitable for retirement, Woodville Park is also not far from Adelaide premier podiatry and health services!


At Inertia Health Group, we are often focusing on the comfort of the elderly, parents, children, active, inactive and all demographics that call Woodville Park home. If your daily walk to the train station is causing some grief, you may be in need of a consultation with an experienced podiatrist.


Get back to your leisurely strolls without pain!


Professional attention to foot care

You are always on your feet, so it is paramount to look after them. However, an unfortunate reality is that sometimes different lifestyles, or just the way your feet are, can lead to some pretty nasty and painful issues. At Inertia Health Group, we have placed a large emphasis on careful and friendly podiatry related services. Everything from recovery to arch support is within our podiartists’ capabilities, with areas relating to children’s heel pain and foot care also available to the residents of Woodville Park.


The variables of your lifestyle, physical activity levels and age will all be considered by our professionals to determine the very best course of action for your podiatry related issue. There is nothing worse than being incapacitated from your daily activities in Woodville Park. With expert advice about footwear as well as recovery plans for ligament and bone issues, our podiatrists will be situated to return you to the yard in no time.


Comfort and Recovery Combined

Sometimes you may have a bit of a tweak in the hamstring that makes walking the kids to school difficult, and sometimes you need to be guided through an extensive recovery after a shoulder reconstruction. Either way, the key to making it through the process safely is professional and expert assistance.


At Inertia Health Group (Woodville Park’s choice for a range of health services), we have the capability to not only help you recover from the most serious workplace incidents, but can also help you de-stress, and work out any kinks you may have with remedial massage. Like any residential suburb, your health requirements will vary. Rather than just providing an expert podiatry service, we offer nutrition advice, expert sports physiotherapy, and a range of therapeutic and recovery-based massage and treatment.


You will be surprised which health-related issues come back to podiatry. At the earliest sign of discomfort, or if you are just looking to make some changes to your Woodville Park life, Inertia Health Group are here for you. With one of the most inclusive health services in Adelaide, and just around the corner from Woodville Park, you will be back on your feet in no time! Call today to make an appointment with our Podiatrists, Physio, Dietitian or Massage Therapist today! (08 8359 2022).



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