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Podiatry In Kilkenny



The north-western region of Adelaide is often considered as one of the most multicultural areas in the state. Home to migrants from all corners of the world, Kilkenny has become a commercial and residential hub for all walks of life. With varying demographics like this, comes the need for professional and friendly health services!


At Inertia Health Group, our Podiatrists have been helping the residents of Kilkenny get back on track with some of Adelaide's leading Podiatry service. Under the same roof as Physiotherapy, Massage therapy and a range of other services, Inertia Health Group near Kilkenny should be your next stop for all of your podiatry-related requirements!


Put your feet up with comfort with Adelaide's leading Podiatry service.


All things feet, ankles and legs!

Has your weekly walk to Arndale shopping centre been interrupted by a curious foot pain? Don’t worry we will have you back on the Kilkenny streets in no time with a range of services relating to podiatry. The importance of foot care and attention cannot be understated. Whether you have an undiagnosed issue or are in recovery mode from an unfortunate accident, Inertia Health Group will be with you every step of the way. Often, issues relating to pain in the lower back, shins or knees can be the result of inadequate podiatry.


Visual issues that are not uncommon for the residents of Kilkenny such as corns, cracked heels and fungal nails are also a concern that can be treated by our professionals. Just about everything relating to muscular and bone issues in your legs or feet can use some form of Podiatry care. If you are sick of missing out on strolls through Alton Reserve, seek professional assistance ASAP.


Diligent and varying services!

We are confident that if you have a muscular or bone issue that needs diagnoses, recovery or rehabilitation, we have the capability at Inertia Health Group to set you on the path to recovery. One of the core services we offer (aside from podiatry) to the residents of Kilkenny is nutrition and dietetic services. Our team of health professionals can offer sound advice about suggested changes and sporting preparation.


The active community of Kilkenny can also get any remedial massage or physiotherapy services they may need under the same roof. Encompassing all definitions of ‘Health Group’ our team of diverse professionals mirror the diverse population of Kilkenny. So, for everything from podiatry to back care, we have you covered with sound, personalised advice and treatment.


Kilkenny or beyond, professional podiatry is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our podiatrists work in cohesion with all other divisions of our service, making sure your day-to-day Kilkenny lifestyle is as comfortable as possible! To organise an appointment with a podiatrist, call today.



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