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Inertia Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy and Podiatry In Prospect

Prospect Physiotherapy and Podiatry 


Have you had an unfortunate fall walking through one of Prospect’s many parks? Or have you suffered a hamstring injury playing for North Adelaide Football Club or Blackfriars First 18? No matter what injury you have sustained, the team at Inertia Health Group can help you get back to fighting fit.

With a range of Adelaide’s best health services available, the Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Remedial Massage and Dietetics team at Inertia Health Group can help you reach your health goals by providing a personalised experience. Whether you want to lose some weight, or need a meal plan based on doctor’s recommendations, our team of Dietitians help Prospect residents achieve goals step-by-step.



For the very best Dietitians in Prospect, look no further than Inertia Health Group. Our Dietitians specialise in a range of different areas of nutrition. If you want to drop some weight or put on muscle for the upcoming season of cricket at Prospect oval, we can design a sporting nutrition plan catered toward your personal goals for the season. Similarly, if high cholesterol and blood pressure have raised some concern, our team can help you make alterations to your diet that will help you in the long run.


Losing weight is a journey, and our Prospect Dietitians can help guide you through the process. With long and short-term plans and suggestions, you are in control, and the plan will take into consideration the specifics of your lifestyle. If there are certain foods you are sensitive to, we also offer advice and references to supplements that may suit your specific requirement and course of action.


Physiotherapy and Podiatry

For young and old, a stern reality is that one day, you may find yourself battling injury or ailment. Whether it is a severe occurrence, leading to surgery, or it is slight muscle soreness, Prospect Physiotherapy, Podiatry & Remedial Massage is essential during the identification and rehabilitation stages.


Each injury is different. However, our trained and experienced team of Physiotherapists & Podiatrists have a wealth of experience in their particular field and work hand in hand with our Massage Therapists. Shoulders, legs, backs and more all require specific and careful Physiotherapy treatment, just like feet ankles and toes require specific Podiatry management so you should always seek professional advice.


Post surgical recovery is a diligent and crucial process. Our team of Physiotherapists & Podiatrists will be able to guide you through this journey, ensuring that you are getting back on track without pushing your body too far. Often, part of the journey is using the Prospect Physiotherapists & Podiatrists to identify an injury before you can begin your rehabilitation journey.


For all of your Nutrition & Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Remedial massage needs in Prospect, visit Inertia Health Group. Our team have all of the know-how to help you put your best foot forward toward your recovery. If you have unfortunately hurt yourself, feel a bit sore and sorry or have had surgery, call Inertia Health Group today and organise an appointment with one of our Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Massage Therapy or Dietitian professionals.





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