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Moana Physio and Podiatry Services

Where Can I Find Physio and Podiatry Services in Moana?


Nothing encapsulates Australia like a quiet suburban area on the beach. Moana is exactly that. Away from the bustle of the city, and home to quaint cafes and incredible beachfront real estate, many South Australians are choosing to call Moana home.


At Inertia Health Group, we believe that to get the most out of your weekend on the beach; you need to take care of your body. Whether you have aliments prohibiting you from enjoying the sun or are looking to lose some weight for summer, we have the capabilities to help you live your best life!


Thorough Physiotherapy And Podiatry

Our Moana Physiotherapy & Podiatry service is designed to cater to anybody with any sort of rehabilitation process or injury identification necessary. Whether you have rolled your ankle walking to the shops, or have sustained a more substantial injury down on the beach, professional care is paramount.


Our team of professional Physiotherapists & Podiatrists specialise in particular areas and place emphasis on personalised plans for recovery or prevention. Sporting injuries that require surgery need professional and careful ongoing treatment. With Inertia Health Group, you will have expert advice throughout the entire process, and any concerns you have can be put at ease.


Nutrition & Dietetics

If your doctor has told you that you need to make some changes to your diet for health reasons, or you just want to lose some weight, our Dietitians at Seaford Meadows can help you out! We understand that when it comes to health concerns, everybody is different. Our experienced and knowledgeable Dietitians create tailored meal plans for you that take into consideration everything from budget to lifestyle to age. All of your tastes and allergies are taken seriously, so you are comfortable during this process.


With a range of beautiful places to dine in Moana, Port Noarlunga & Christies Beach, you want to have a balance, and that is exactly what our Dietitians at Inertia Health Group strive for. Whether you are looking to go for a lengthy and rigorous diet, or just want to make small adjustments to benefit your mind and body, in the long run, we have the knowledge to help you out.


If you aren't sure exactly what food choices are right for your, visit Inertia Dietitians for all of the advice available.

In Moana, health and wellbeing are essential to happiness and comfort. With our team of Physiotherapists, Podiatrists & Dietitians, you will have no trouble finding the answer to your ailments. If you have a sore calf or are recovering from a serious workplace injury, make an appointment with Inertia Health Group today to receive the best health service available.




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